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What is OutStream Video? Outstream Video Example

If you are familiar with video advertising you know that traditional inbanner video ads are not enough to effectively monetize your website to its limits with video.  This is why many publishers today are using what’s called outstream video ads … Continue reading

The Death of In-banner (and why that’s a good thing)

OutStream Video Ads – The Next Generation of Video

Getting Started with OutStream Video Ads If you are a publisher looking to take your earnings into overdrive OutStream video ads is one of the best solutions to not only monetize your existing inventory where banner ads can never get … Continue reading

Is it all about the fill rate? Yes and no….

Both publishers and advertisers in the video world put great emphasis on the fill rate when determining the success of their campaigns.  For those unfamiliar with fill rate it can be defined as the ratio between ads successfully played verse … Continue reading

Viewability – What it means for your publishers bottom line

Online video advertising is quickly becoming the preferred place for advertiser’s budgets for several reasons but one of the reasons major brands and agencies are electing to place their budgets is because they can track viewability of their ads.  Whereas … Continue reading