OutStream Video Ads – The Next Generation of Video

Getting Started with OutStream Video Ads

If you are a publisher looking to take your earnings into overdrive OutStream video ads is one of the best solutions to not only monetize your existing inventory where banner ads can never get to but also earn CPM’s far higher than any other video unit available to publishers today!  They’re easy to implement, easy to add, and give your users a great experience.

So what are OutStream video ad units?  Outstream is a unique video format that opens the video player and plays a video only when the user scrolls through a visible portion of the website.  In most cases, only when the video player can be viewed on at least 50% of the web page the outstream video unit loads and begins playing the advertiser’s ad.

Benefits of OutStream Video Ads

outStream video ads

outstream video ads

For advertiser this is as premium of inventory as it gets and therefore they are willing to pay very high CPM’s for it.  Think about it – the video only plays when the user views it so viewability is 100%, the player is large and visible, and the video captures the users attention because it is being viewed through content.  Sound’s like heaven for brands all over the world!  In addition outstream ads are only available to premium publishers so brands can be assured their ad dollars are being spent in the right locations.  Overall, few things are more important to a publisher than viewability and brand awareness on premium content, and outstream video ads solves both of these issues in a clean and performance oriented manner

On the publisher side the the publisher gains a highly valuable asset that can not only earn very high CPM’s (as high as $50 CPM and even higher for the right publishers!) but do so without removing your existing banner ads.  Outstream video formats only load when a user scrolls down a page and appear between content and don’t take the place of a banner.  Also outstream ads start on mute and only turn on sound when the user wants to so the users experience is non intrusive.

What else can we say about outstream ads?  Users love them, advertisers love, and publishers love them!  They’re easy to implement, they don’t disrupt the user, the advertisers are known their ads are being shown, and the publisher makes a lot of $$$!!

Get Started with OutStream Video Today!

Roket Media offers outstream video units to all quality publishers interested in turbo charging their video earnings.  To get started all a publisher needs to do is to sign up to Roket Media’s publisher network and begin earning money with outstream video in minutes!

Although our primary solution is desktop focused we also have a mobile solution and even inapp solution for publishers interested.

Here is some more information about Outstream video ads:

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