What is OutStream Video? Outstream Video Example

If you are familiar with video advertising you know that traditional inbanner video ads are not enough to effectively monetize your website to its limits with video.  This is why many publishers today are using what’s called outstream video ads to reach very high CPM’s on their website properties and deliver a highly valuable experience to users and viewable, interactive ads that advertisers are welling to spend lots of money on.

Is Outstream video popular?

Haven’t you heard?  The US digital video industry is expected to cross the $10 billion outstream videomarket by the end of the decade and a lot of is because of outstream ads.  When over 500 major US based marketing agencies were asked where they plan to invest their budgets in the upcoming fiscal year more than 77% labeled outstream video as the most important place to allocate budget, beating instream video ands banner video ads by a long shot.

Can I see an example of OutStream Video?

To see how outstream works in a live environment you can refer even to this webpage.  We loaded our oustream code that will load only when ads are viewable.  The video starts on mute to not bother the user and can be skipped if the user does not feel the video is relevant.

 Outstream video is HTML5 based meaning it works on both mobile and desktop devices and all the latest browser versions.

If you’d like to sign up for our mobile version please join us and an account manager will be with you shortly.

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